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    LWV of Ames & Story County joins historic Women’s March in Des Moines

LWV of Ames & Story County joins historic Women’s March in Des Moines

Among the crowd of 26,000 at the Women's March in Des Moines, Saturday January 21, were many members of the LWV of Ames and Story County.  –Too many to locate and accurately count in such a wonderful, orderly and joyful crowd.  The home page slider locates one contingent of us as we gathered.

Wake-up! The Iowa Legislature is in Session

The LWV's first "Legislative Wake-up" event of 2017 was held January 14. The event was co-hosted by the Ames chapter of AMP, or "Achieving Maximum Potential," a youth-driven group of Iowa foster and adoptive children who learn, among other things, to advocate for their cause. George Belitsos, the day's moderator, commented that he was "really impressed with the courage" of the youth in asking four questions of their legislators.

The purpose of the Wake-ups is to provide voters a chance to keep tabs on developments in the Capitol and to express their concerns and priorities directly to their elected officials. There are five Legislative Wake-ups scheduled for the 2017 session: two in Ames, two in Nevada, and one in Gilbert. The next Wake-up is this coming Saturday, Jan. 28, 8:4 a.m. in Nevada City Council Chambers.

Unfortunately, Senator Herman Quirmbach (D-23) and Representative Beth Wessel-Kroeschell (D-45) were the only legislators in attendance to answer questions. It is hoped that the public will get an opportunity to address representatives of the party in power--Senators Bill Dix (R-25) and Jerry Behn (R-24) and Representatives Dave Deyoe (R-49) of Nevada and Rep. Rob Bacon (R-48)--when the Wake-ups move to the surrounding communities.  

Nonetheless, public attendance at the event was strong, indicating people's strong desire to be involved in this Legislative session. Reporter Austin Harrington gave the event good coverage in the Ames Tribune.

The schedule for further wake-ups is as follows. Credit goes to Donna Elliot for coordinating these events, as well as other dedicated LWV board members who have been pitching in:

January 28  Nevada 
February 11  Gilbert
March 25  Nevada
April 8  Ames

Some selected audio from the event.

Rep. Beth Wessell-Kroeschell's opening remarks:

Senator Herman Quirmbach's opening remarks:

Beth and Herman respond to a question about mental health care: