This year the Award Committee names Carolyn Klaus as the Carrie Chapman Catt Award Winner for 2019.

As quoted in her nomination letter: “I worked with Carolyn at many registration sites over the years. We registered voters with the help of student volunteers under the covering of the restaurant near Friley, outdoors, with rain pelting down. Another year Carolyn went from Greek house to Greek house to register voters. Incredible. I know of no one else for whom the adjective that fits is so clearly ‘Indomitable.’”

As Membership Chair, Carolyn significantly increased outreach efforts. She also worked to get new members involved in the work of the League, so they would become valuable League members.

Since 2012 Carolyn has led the League’s voter registration activities and expanded them throughout Story County. She recruits, trains, and schedules League members to staff voter registration drives. Last fall the League registered over 300 ISU students on campus in one day. The Story County Auditor has credited these efforts with helping increase the number of students voting. Carolyn has also presented information about voting in the high schools in Story County.

In 2017 Carolyn agreed to serve as Treasurer of the LWV of Ames and Story County while continuing her voter registration efforts.

In addition to her work with the League, Carolyn has served in leadership positions in several community endeavors - the Ames Foundation, Ames Public Library Friends Foundation, Ames International Partner Cities Association, and others. She also helps organize an annual MLK Day Bridge Benefit.