Who was Carrie Chapman Catt?

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Carrie Chapman Catt

Carrie Chapman Catt, probably the most famous Iowan associated with the women's suffrage movement, was born in 1859 and grew up near Charles City, Iowa. A feminist from her earliest school days, Catt was responsible for creating a women's physical education program at Iowa State Agricultural College (now ISU), where she graduated in 1880. Though she did not become fully involved in the women's movement until 1885, in 1900 she succeeded Susan B. Anthony as president of the National Woman Suffrage Association. In 1919, she helped found the National League of Women Voters. After Catt left Iowa, she continued to help women in their unsuccessful struggle to amend the Iowa Constitution to allow women to vote, long before the ratification of the 19th amendment in 1920, seeing through her efforts until finally the 19th amendment was ratified. Catt died in 1947.

2016 Carrie Chapman Catt Award Recipient

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Linda Murken

Linda Murken began her career in the State of Iowa corrections field in 1973, the first woman parole officer in Iowa to supervise male clients. In 1976 Iowa established Community Based Corrections programs in each of its 8 judicial districts; Linda was appointed Executive Director for the Second Judicial District, the only woman director for over 20 years. As director she was instrumental in the development of treatment programs for domestic abusers and for sex offenders.  Since her retirement in 2010 she has contributed to the League in many capacities, serving as local League president for three years. She serves on the state League Board of Directors and represents the League on the steering committee of the Bakken Pipeline Resistance Coalition. Locally she spearheaded VOTE 411, a web-based, know-the-candidates project that serves the general public, and continues to serve as Legislative Action co-chair.

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linda 2

Linda Murken


Sandra McJimsey

Sandra McJimsey


Joyce Samuels

Joyce Samuels


Photo of Bev Kruempel

2013 Beverly Kruempel


Photo of Jane Halliburton

Jane Halliburton


Photo of Jeannette Bohnenkamp

Jeannette Bohnenkamp



2010 Nancy B

Nancy Brown




2009 Martha I


Martha Issacson


2008 Selva R-L

Selvig Reissig Lehman



2007 Joyce H


Joyce Hertz



2006 Judy C

Judy Clem


2005 Jane G

Jane Greiman


2004 Ruth J

Ruth M. Jones



2003 Johnie H


Johnie Hammond


2002 Ann C

Ann Hamilton Campbell



2001 Judy D


Judy Dolphin


2000 Ruth S

Ruth Swenson


1999 Mary R

Mary Richards


1998 Jackie Manatt

Jackie Manatt



1997 Jan B


Jan Beran


1996 Judie H

Judie Hoffman


1995 Julia F-A

Julia Faltinson Anderson


1994 Ruth H

Ruth Hamilton


1993 Helen L-H

Helen LeBaron Hilton