Making Democracy Work

Candidate Forums in October: Senate Districts 23 and 25 on October 11

The first of five candidate forums sponsored by the League of Women Voters of Ames and Story County and scheduled during October was held On Wednesday evening.  That forum included candidates for Iowa House Districts 45, 46, and 48.  Next up: Candidates for Iowa Senate Districts 23 and 25 will appear at a forum scheduled at 7 p.m. on Thursday, October 11 at Fairview Lodge in Story City.

Iowa Senate District 25 Candidate Forum

LWV and Center for Rural Affairs co-hosted the Iowa Senate District 25 Candidate Forum that was held in the Nevada Public Library on May 23 at 6:00pm.  Approximately 24 people attended including Candidates Annette Sweeney and Chad Buss.  Some of the issues addressed were Health Care, Local Control, Alternative Energy and Water Quality.  Katie Rock (left) from the Center for Rural Affairs, moderated.

Candidate Forum for Iowa State Senate District 25

On May 23, the League of Women Voters of Ames and Story County will co-sponsor a candidate forum for candidates for State Senate District 25.  The forum is cosponsored with the Center for Rural Affairs.  The forum will be held at the Nevada Public Library, 631 K Ave, from 6-7:30 pm.
State Senate District 25 includes a majority of the geographic area of Story County, including the eastern half and the southern tier of the county, as well as all of Hardin and Grundy counties and the southeastern portion of Butler County.
The forum is open to all interested persons and is free.

What Does “Non-Partisan” Mean?

The League of Women Voters is non-partisan.  This term is often misunderstood or poorly understood.  It does mean that the League does not endorse candidates in partisan elections not does it align with a political party.  There are restrictions on the partisan political activity of officers (which may vary by the office held) and neither officers nor members may represent the League as aligned with any political party.

Non-partisan does not mean that the League abstains from taking positions on important policy issues and proposals.  Indeed, the League (at all levels) conducts research on policy issues and may endorse specific proposals to address problems identified in those studies.

Non-partisan also does not mean that the League avoids contact with political figures, including candidates for partisan political offices.  The League sponsors candidate forums during campaign seasons.  The forums are generally panels of candidates for an office or offices who may make brief statements about their candidacies.  All candidates for an office who appear on a ballot are issued invitations to appear, although some candidates decline.

The League of Women Voters of Ames and Story County also sponsors periodic forums of panels of officials who represent citizens of Story County.  During the annual sessions of the Iowa General Assembly, forums of local legislators are held monthly and are called "Legislative Wake Ups."  Annually, the League is a sponsor of a "State of the Community" event, with presentations from officials representing important governing bodies and institutions summarizing the status and issues important to each organization. In 2017, this event was co-sponsored with the Ames Chamber of Commerce.

Another way in which the League works with both partisan and non-partisan candidates is the Vote411 program which produces on line voter guides for [...]

Annual Meeting-2018

The annual meeting and brunch of the League of Women Voters of Ames and Story County was held on April 14 at the Gateway Center Hotel in Ames.  Entertainment was provided by renditions of songs from the Suffragette Movement provided by Mary Richards and Friends.  The guest speaker was Kimberly Hope, Operations Manager of Iowa Resource for International Service (IRIS).  IRIS is a non-profit, non-religious organization which brings students, journalists, business people, educators, and government leaders to Iowa from Africa, Central and Eastern Europe, and Asia, to promote international understanding, development, and peace.  Attendees at the annual meeting also heard a presentation from Doris Kelley who is leading the effort to develop and implement recognition during 2019 of the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment to the United States Constitution, which was the culmination of the Women's Suffrage Movement.

The two major awards presented annually by the Ames and Story County Chapter were awarded:  Edna and Wayne Clinton received the Making Democracy Work Award for 2018, while Mary Sand received the Carrie Chapman Catt Award.

The morning concluded with the annual business meeting of the League of Women Voters of Ames and Story County.