Making Democracy Work
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    Hard Won/Not Done: Centennial Commemoration of Ratification of the 19th Amendment

Hard Won/Not Done: Centennial Commemoration of Ratification of the 19th Amendment

The 19th Amendment Centennial Commemoration Project is actively working on a variety of projects to celebrate the centennial of the passage of the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution in 1920, and particularly of the many notable connections and contribution of Iowans to the suffrage movement and the eventual ratification of the Amendment. The Iowa League of Women Voters is one of the four organizations leading this effort.

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    LWV of Ames and Story County to Host 2019 State LWV Convention

LWV of Ames and Story County to Host 2019 State LWV Convention

The 2019 State Convention of the Iowa League of Women Voters will be held on June 7 and 8 in Ames. The conference venue is the Iowa State University Alumni Center at 429 Alumni Lane.

Making Democracy Work Award, 2019

The winner of the third annual Making Democracy Work Award is Bev Kruempel. The letter nominating Bev for the award stated that “Bev Kruempel volunteers quietly in endeavors that are so crucial to often forgotten individuals in our community.” Through her work, she has fulfilled all the criteria for this award in many and varied ways. Bev is a consistent supporter and a tireless advocate for the disenfranchised, those less fortunate, and the youth of the community. The award was presented at the League of Women Voters of Ames and Story County annual meeting on April 13 by Edna Clinton, who, along with her husband, Wayne Clinton, was the winner of the second Making Democracy Work award, presented last year.

2019 Carrie Chapman Catt Award Winner

This year the Award Committee names Carolyn Klaus as the Carrie Chapman Catt Award Winner for 2019.

As quoted in her nomination letter: “I worked with Carolyn at many registration sites over the years. We registered voters with the help of student volunteers under the covering of the restaurant near Friley, outdoors, with rain pelting down. Another year Carolyn went from Greek house to Greek house to register voters. Incredible. I know of no one else for whom the adjective that fits is so clearly ‘Indomitable.’”

As Membership Chair, Carolyn significantly increased outreach efforts. She also worked to get new members involved in the work of the League, so they would become valuable League members.

Since 2012 Carolyn has led the League’s voter registration activities and expanded them throughout Story County. She recruits, trains, and schedules League members to staff voter registration drives. Last fall the League registered over 300 ISU students on campus in one day. The Story County Auditor has credited these efforts with helping increase the number of students voting. Carolyn has also presented information about voting in the high schools in Story County.

In 2017 Carolyn agreed to serve as Treasurer of the LWV of Ames and Story County while continuing her voter registration efforts.

In addition to her work with the League, Carolyn has served in leadership positions in several community endeavors - the Ames Foundation, Ames Public Library Friends Foundation, Ames International Partner Cities Association, and others. She also helps organize an annual MLK Day Bridge Benefit.

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    Nominate someone for the 2019 Making Making Democracy Work Award

Nominate someone for the 2019 Making Making Democracy Work Award

The League of Women Voters of Ames & Story County is calling for nominations for its annual Making Democracy Work Award. This award recognizes and celebrates an individual or organization who:

Envisions ways to improve the community
Has actively participated in creating a strong, safe, vibrant community
Has mobilized others to help effect beneficial change
Leads efforts to introduce public policy that promotes fairness, equality and diversity
Is passionate about safeguarding democracy

Nominations are invited from the community as well as from League members. The Making Democracy Work Award recognizes broader contributions than solely to the League of Women Voters, although participation in League activities certainly may qualify as a portion of the contribution for which an awardee would be recognized.

The nomination form is available at Please note that you will need to submit three letters of support with your nomination.

Send the completed nomination form and letters of support to: LWV of Ames and Story County, PO Box 2266, Ames, IA 50010, or email to Nominations are due no later than March 15, 2019.

Candidate Forum Audio Recordings Available from KHOI FM Web site

KHOI FM Community Radio in Ames records our candidate forums for later broadcast on their station and placement on their Web site.  These may be edited to a length which fits their program format.

Iowa House Districts 45, 46, 48 (October 3 at Nevada Public Library) 

Iowa Senate Districts 23 and 25 (October 11 at Fairview Lodge)

Story County Board of Supervisors (October 15 at Story County Extension)

Story County Treasurer, Recorder, Attorney (October 29 at Ames Public Library)

There also was a candidate forum for Iowa Senate District 49 on October 25 at Story County Extension.  A separate recording of this forum is not available, but excerpts can be heard in the recording of Local Talk at 7 am on October 29 on KHOI.  On this page, scroll down to the 7 am podcast of Local Talk on October 29 and click on the "Play" button.  The forum excerpts start at about the 25 minute and 50 second mark of the recording.