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What Does “Non-Partisan” Mean?

The League of Women Voters is non-partisan.  This term is often misunderstood or poorly understood.  It does mean that the League does not endorse candidates in partisan elections not does it align with a political party.  There are restrictions on the partisan political activity of officers (which may vary by the office held) and neither officers nor members may represent the League as aligned with any political party.

Non-partisan does not mean that the League abstains from taking positions on important policy issues and proposals.  Indeed, the League (at all levels) conducts research on policy issues and may endorse specific proposals to address problems identified in those studies.

Non-partisan also does not mean that the League avoids contact with political figures, including candidates for partisan political offices.  The League sponsors candidate forums during campaign seasons.  The forums are generally panels of candidates for an office or offices who may make brief statements about their candidacies.  All candidates for an office who appear on a ballot are issued invitations to appear, although some candidates decline.

The League of Women Voters of Ames and Story County also sponsors periodic forums of panels of officials who represent citizens of Story County.  During the annual sessions of the Iowa General Assembly, forums of local legislators are held monthly and are called "Legislative Wake Ups."  Annually, the League is a sponsor of a "State of the Community" event, with presentations from officials representing important governing bodies and institutions summarizing the status and issues important to each organization. In 2017, this event was co-sponsored with the Ames Chamber of Commerce.

Another way in which the League works with both partisan and non-partisan candidates is the Vote411 program which produces on line voter guides for [...]

Our new web site!

The League of Women Voters of Ames has taken several steps, if not a leap, from its former website to this interactive, more accessible online home.   Look around.  The new site is "responsive" which means content automatically reformats to be more readable on smart phones and tablets.  Try it if you have one!

League members:  Soon your membership accounts will be added to the site and–by Mid-November– I'll provide instructions for how to log in. In the meantime, as public viewers you will see most of our content.   You will need to log in to see pages that include members address and contact information. Other pages may be available only to members if the material is, for example, out of date but still useful  or only relevant to members.

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League Board to Preview New Website

The Web Redesign Team will present the new site for comment at tomorrow's Board of Directors meeting.  The current site has served the local League well, the new site intends to reach a wider audience and provide interactive features all users will enjoy.

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