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Joyce Samuels (2014)

Joyce Samuels is the recipient posthumously of the 2014 Carrie Chapman Catt Award for her service to the League of Women Voters and her many years of advocating for multiculturalism in the Ames community and Iowa.

Joyce served as membership co-chair of the League of Women Voters of Ames from 2011 until 2013. She was an enthusiastic force in successfully attracting younger members and persons of color and increasing the overall League membership. Before coming to Ames in 1973 she served on the state board of the League of Women Voters in West Virginia.

The Ames League and its members are far better for what Joyce taught us about diversity and acceptance. What she specifically taught was that the need for acceptance goes beyond race and gender. We need to welcome every individual into our membership regardless of the person's differences and treat that person the same as any other member. She valued every individual and fought for the rights of all.

Described by community leaders as an energetic, civil rights, diversity and community service advocate, Joyce served on many boards and agencies which promote justice such as the Iowa Civil Rights Commission, Ames Human Relations Commission, American Civil Liberties Board, The Ames Few and The Archie A. and Nancy C. Martin Foundation for which she was vice president. The Martin Foundation is an ongoing project to preserve the memory of Iowa State University’s segregated past and those who worked to end it.

Joyce was a pioneer in working with others to establish Dialogues which led to FACES, a festival designed to promote diversity, cohesiveness and understanding in Ames. It annually celebrates the city’s diversity and unity. Joyce was employed with the National Animal Di s e a [...]

Jan Beran (1997)

By the selection committee of Ruth Hamilton, Judie Hoffman and Meg Tait. This article was printed in The Voter in April 1997.

We are pleased to announce that Jan Beran is the 5th recipient of the Carrie Chapman Catt Award given by the Ames League of Women Voters.  Jan served as president of the Ames League from 1991-93 and is presently serving as state president.  On the local level she has served as chair of the League finance committee and the international relations committee.  In addition to this, she has written a booklet on the history of the League in Iowa, which is now in 1,200 school and public libraries across the state.

Jan has been very active in church work locally and on state and national levels.  She worked as a missionary in the Philippines from 1959-73 where she taught at Silliman University and she has served many years as a youth leader and church school teacher at Northminster Presbyterian Church.  She presently is an elder and was recently elected as moderator of the Synod of Lakes and Prairies, which includes 967 churches in eight states.

In addition to being the parents of three children and grandparents of five, Jan and her husband George have been foster parents since 1980 and had eight long-term placements of teenagers in their home plus 22 short-term placements.

Her service on community boards is most impressive. Jan has been president of Heartland Senior services,  The Iowa-Partners of the Americas and the Ames chapter of the United Nations.  She has served on the boards of the Ames-ISU Bike Committee, the Iowa-Yucatan Partners and the Iowa Peace Institute Peacemakers.

Jan has received many awards in recognition of her work including a Faculty Citation from [...]

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Judie A. Hoffman (1996)

1996 Chapman Catt Award to Judie A. Hoffman

By the selection Committee of Carol Grant, chair; Julia Anderson and Jean Peterson. This article was printed in The Voter in April 1996.

Judie A. Hoffman is the recipient of the 4th Annual League of Women Voters of Ames Carrie Chapman Catt Award.  She will be honored at the Annual Dinner and Meeting on April 18, 1996.    

Judie is a long time member of the League of Women Voters, serving in many capacities locally and as vice president of the Iowa League of Women Voters board for three years, 1985-87.    

Judie has had a long and distinguished career of service in Ames and throughout the state of Iowa as an elected officeholder, legislative lobbyist, volunteer and lecturer.  Early in her career she was a teacher.  She is currently serving as council person on the Ames City Council, an elected position she has held since 1988.

Volunteer appointments include Ames Cy Ride Board of Directors, Ames Economic Development commission, Iowa Business Council’s Solid Waste Committee, Governor Brandstad’s Committee on Environmental Agenda for the 1990’s, Story County Resource Enhancement and Protection Committee (REAP), Ames Visitor and convention Bureau Board, Chairperson of Story County Toxic Cleanup Day, Iowa Low level Radioactive Waste Advisory Board and Ames Planning and Zoning Commission (chairperson, 1983-86). 

Judie is active in Collegiate Presbyterian Church where she has served on the session, as a deacon, and taught adult Sunday School Classes. Judie began her career as a public school teacher for seven years and taught child development at the college level for two years.

Judie has an additional expertise as public speaker that has included presentations to numerous public and private organizations—churches, LWV local meetings and state conventions and [...]

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Julia Faltinson Anderson (1995)

1995 Carrie Chapman Catt Award to Julia Faltinson Anderson

By the selection committee of Ann Molison, Chair; Faith Finnemore; Ruth Hamilton and Shirley Karas.  This article was printed in The Voter in April 1995. 

Julia Faltinson Anderson is the recipient of the Third Annual LWV of Ames Carrie Chapman Catt Award.  She will be honored at the Annual Dinner and Meeting on April 20, 1995.

Julia has been recognized time and time again because of her commitment to the welfare of children, women, and families.  The majority of her life has been lived in Ames as a Professor at ISU, where she is now Professor Emeritus.  She has earned worldwide recognition for her global humanitarian efforts.  She has lived and worked in Yugoslavia, Taiwan, the Philippines, Nyasaland, Austria, Thailand, and Yucatan.    

Julia often works “behind the scenes” for her church, community, state, or nation.  In accepting the Iowa Women’s Hall of Fame recognition in August 1993, she said that she has done the things she has been interested in, thought were important, and needed to be done.

She embodies the strength, courage, and wisdom of Carrie Chapman Catt.  Congratulation, Julia!

During the Award Presentation the following was said:

We’re here this evening to recognize one of our own League Members, Julia Faltinson Anderson, long regarded by those of us who have known her as a woman who is highly competent and goal directed and someone who involves herself in a variety of projects with contagious enthusiasm.  Through her activities and leadership, she has made and continues to make many many contributions to the Ames community, to Iowa State University, to the State of Iowa as well as contributions nationally and internationally. Some of these include:

Member of the Iowa Women’s [...]

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Bev Kruempel (2013)

Beverly Kruempel is the recipient of the 2013 Carrie Chapman Catt Award for her service to the League of Women Voters of Ames and to the greater community of Ames.

Bev is a long-standing member of the League of Women Voters. She served as President of the Ames League in 1996 through 1998 and as Secretary from 2009 through 2012. During her term, the League study of the Story County Medical Center brought the necessity of maintaining and supporting the Nevada facility for all Story County residents to the attention of voters. As Secretary she was an incredible resource to the board. Her experiences and knowledge of issues allowed her to provide both clarification and context for past League actions. Bev has been an active League member, a loyal presence at general meetings and a frequent assistant on League projects

Bev’s academic career began at Iowa State University where, as an undergraduate, she was active in residence hall government as well as church and campus 4-H activities. In 1961 she graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Home Economics for General Education. She received her M.S. degree from the University of Wisconsin - Madison in 1968. In 1990 Bev was awarded a Ph.D. in Higher Education from ISU.

After receiving her PhD, Bev served the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences as Professor and as Director of Career Services. In these roles she taught, advised and mentored undergraduate and graduate students for many years. Her style was evident in an article she co-authored in the Journal of Family & Consumer Sciences titled “Civic Engagement Comes Alive”. That title aptly describes her commitment and service career. Always aware of the importance of civic responsibility, she required students [...]

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Jane Halliburton (2012)

Jane Halliburton has been selected to receive the Carrie Chapman Catt award for 2012. Jane was president of the Ames League of Women Voters from 1980 to 1982.

During that time, the League updated and printed the booklet “This is Ames and Story County” and provided much information regarding the call for a constitutional convention, which was on the ballet in 1980. The local League worked hard, but unsuccessfully, for ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA). It also studied city facilities, in particular the electric utility and the location of city offices that were spread out all over town, and studied leaking underground storage tanks.

During Jane's tenure the board began giving old LWV files to the ISU special collections department in the Parks Library. She has been an active member throughout her long membership.

She is a former elementary teacher and until recently, was a Story County Supervisor, completing 24 years of service in January, 2011. She also was the Chair of the Story County Board of Health, the president of the Iowa State Association of Counties Board of Directors, and on the Board of Directors of the National Association of Counties Board of Directors and on FEMA’s National Advisory Council.

Jane has also been a community volunteer for a long list of agencies. Among them are the Community Vitality Center Governance Board, Raising Readers Board of Directors, Heartland Senior Services Foundation Board, Story County Community Dental Clinic Advisory Committee, Rotary International, and Iowa State University Families Extension Outreach Advisory Committee.

The award selection committee talked to some of those who have worked with Jane on community projects.

From Carolyn Jons, Vice President of Raising Readers in Story County: “Jane is a big thinker with the big picture. [...]

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