By the selection committee of Jan Beran, Ruth Hamilton and Meg Tait. This article was printed in The Voter in April 1998.

1998 Jackie ManattJackie Manatt is the recipient of the Sixth Annual Carrie Chapman Catt Award given by the LWV of Ames. She will be honored at the Annual Dinner and Meeting on April 16, 1998.

Jackie’s work in League spans a period of 25 years and continues to this day as she is currently an elected member of the Board of Directors of the LWV of Ames. She has served as president of both the LWV of Ames (’84 – ’86) and the LWVIA (’91 – ’93) as well as other elected positions in both these groups. Equally notable is her work on study committees at both the local and state level. These include a number of land use studies and parking and recreation studies in Ames and Story County as well as state-wide studies on school finance and adult correction. Her League activities have included several efforts to adopt ERA, a term as The Voter editor, participation in the observer corps, and many stints as moderator of forums of various types.

In the spirit of active citizen participation that Leagues espouses, Jackie has served in numerous capacities on city, county and state boards, commissions and committees. Her roles have included terms as chair of both the Ames and the Story County Planning and Zoning commissions. Among others, she served as co-chair of the group that spear-headed the Ames City Hall remodeling project, she has been active on Ames committees dealing with planning policy, census, town center issues and celebrate Ames activities. She served on the state-wide committee dealing with ethics and procedures in government. Jackie also participates in political party activities.

Beyond her interest in government at all levels, Jackie is active in church and school affairs and served as a trustee for the Ames Education foundation. Professionally she is Program Manager for the Science Bound Program at Iowa State University and works with her spouse as manager of a private consulting organization.

Jackie has been honored by the Story county Women’s Political Caucus’s recognition for “Women Who Contribute to Social and Political Change.”

Congratulations, Jackie!