This article was printed in The Voter in April 2003.

Carrie Chapman Catt would be proud. The LWV award in her name is finally going to the most deserved Johnie 2003 Johnie HHammond. It couldn’t go there earlier since one of the LWV criteria, in addition to being a good League member and making significant contributions to the community outside one’s active profession, is that the recipient not be holding any party-affiliated elected office. It took a long time to fulfill that final requirement since Johnie just retired from a long career in public service—ranging from Story County Board of Supervisors to the Iowa House of Representatives to two terms in the Iowa Senate.

During that active career, she represented all the issues that are valued by the League of Women Voters: HAWK-I programs benefiting low income Iowa children, rehabilitation opportunities for incarcerated women, concern for affordable housing, and early education are just a few of Johnie’s many contributions to the state of Iowa and the community of Ames.

Furthermore, this newly-retired senator has hit the ground running as a community volunteer for the issues near and dear to her heart—and to the heart of the Ames League of Women Voters. Congratulations to our Carrie Chapman Catt Award recipient and transplanted Texan.