1996 Chapman Catt Award to Judie A. Hoffman

By the selection Committee of Carol Grant, chair; Julia Anderson and Jean Peterson. This article was printed in The Voter in April 1996.

1996 Judie HJudie A. Hoffman is the recipient of the 4th Annual League of Women Voters of Ames Carrie Chapman Catt Award.  She will be honored at the Annual Dinner and Meeting on April 18, 1996.    

Judie is a long time member of the League of Women Voters, serving in many capacities locally and as vice president of the Iowa League of Women Voters board for three years, 1985-87.    

Judie has had a long and distinguished career of service in Ames and throughout the state of Iowa as an elected officeholder, legislative lobbyist, volunteer and lecturer.  Early in her career she was a teacher.  She is currently serving as council person on the Ames City Council, an elected position she has held since 1988.

Volunteer appointments include Ames Cy Ride Board of Directors, Ames Economic Development commission, Iowa Business Council’s Solid Waste Committee, Governor Brandstad’s Committee on Environmental Agenda for the 1990’s, Story County Resource Enhancement and Protection Committee (REAP), Ames Visitor and convention Bureau Board, Chairperson of Story County Toxic Cleanup Day, Iowa Low level Radioactive Waste Advisory Board and Ames Planning and Zoning Commission (chairperson, 1983-86). 

Judie is active in Collegiate Presbyterian Church where she has served on the session, as a deacon, and taught adult Sunday School Classes. Judie began her career as a public school teacher for seven years and taught child development at the college level for two years.

Judie has an additional expertise as public speaker that has included presentations to numerous public and private organizations—churches, LWV local meetings and state conventions and state of Iowa legislative committees. Since 1989 the focus of most of these presentations has been environmental, women and children’s issues and legislative issues.

Judie is an outstanding role model to young people today of a person committed to the ideals that Carrie Chapman Catt worked so hard to achieve in her time.

Congratulations, Judie!