This article was printed in The Voter in April 2000.

Judy Dolphin’s contributions to the LWV of Ames date back 30 years to the time of “units,” when she chaired the 2001 Judy DTuesday, 9:30a.m. Group and the Observer Corps. Her leadership continued as Human Resources chair with the League urging the Story County Supervisors to support legal aid funding for the county. During her term as 1st Vice President, the League successfully urged the City Council to include more citizen participation in budget matters. When Judy received the League’s Humanity Award in 1995, she stated that one of her proudest achievements was organizing “voyage programs” for Ames school children to interact with people of different ethnic backgrounds, an educational initiative that continues in popularity.

Judy has served the Ames League as president-elect, president, and chair of membership, the parking study, and nominating committee. Professionally, she is Executive Director of the Ames-ISU YWCA and currently is most excited about a highly successful “Girls’ Power” program. This program brings a diverse group of university women students together with 7th grade girls to share in group experiences of mentoring and appreciation for cultural differences.

Judy’s interest in development of women’s leadership on global level has taken her to Slovakia to train newly elected women mayors. She credits her League experience through study, consensus building, and action as the most useful training in gaining community support.

We honor Judy with the 2001 Carrie Chapman Catt Award for her long-time League membership and service and her significant contributions to the mission and activities of the LWV and the community.