Affordable Housing


Support the city of Ames' housing goal to "provide a wide variety of housing types and locations to serve the residential needs of the present and future populations" (from Ames Land Use Policy Plan). To accomplish this goal we must create and maintain an adequate supply of sound affordable housing for the very low, low, and moderate income individuals and families in our community by:

  • supporting programs to maintain and expand home ownership opportunities
  • creating new affordable housing units in both the city and university community (both rental and owner-occupied)
  • conserving and maintaining existing housing stock
  • exploring planning for affordable and accessible housing in all neighborhoods and communities
  • supporting public/private partnerships to expand housing opportunities
  • using a variety of financing approaches to help families secure adequate housing.

April 2012 Update

A committee headed by George McJimsey recommended an update of the Affordable Housing Position. Joyce Hertz moved that we add the following paragraph at the end of the 1992 position: “supporting programs that mitigate the risks of foreclosure.”