Transportation Needs in Story County

Adopted 2004

  • Encourages providers of transportation in Story County to collaborate in designing a comprehensive, cost-effective, environmentally-friendly, and energy-efficient plan to meet the transportation needs of Story County;
  • Encourages ASSET to survey member agencies that provide transportation to their clients to explore sharing of services or developing contractual arrangements with public transit agencies;
  • Encourages non-profit organizations to contract with public transit agencies or other transportation providers as an alternative to operating their own vehicles;
  • Encourages agencies to seek efficiencies through shared services such as centralized vehicle maintenance and driver training;
  • Supports increased federal/state/local funding for public transit or, at a minimum, full funding of public transit through the existing state "use tax" formula;
  • Supports expanded efforts to mitigate cost of public transportation for low-income people;
  • Supports existing efforts by Wheels to Work to enable welfare recipients to become car owners; and
  • Encourages expansion of opportunities for low-income families to become car owners through the development of additional car ownership programs that include elements found to support successful programs in other communities.