May 15, 2018

Educating voters has been a core mission of the League of Women Voters since its inception. This spring, your local League of Ames & Story County has once again joined with the state and national leagues and prepared our online Voter Guide that does just that.

This version of the online Voter’s Guide,, will include all races on your June 5 th primary ballot. Each race will contain short candidate profiles as well as candidate responses to questions about issues important to our community.

This version of went live this morning. We hope you will look at the website and recommend it to others as a tool that might help in selecting candidates for both the primary and the upcoming general election in November, as well!

Please note that your first step after accessing the page will be to enter your address information so that Vote411 may personalize candidate information applicable to you.

If you do take advantage of this opportunity to get to know more about the races and candidates on your ballot, we would love to get your feedback!