Log onto VOTE411.org BEFORE you vote on November 5!

Vote 411, providing information about candidate positions for the November, 2019 city and school board election in Story County, is now live.

The League of Women Voters, a nonpartisan organization dedicated to encouraging informed and active participation in government, invites you to check out their on-line voter guide at www.VOTE411.org.  The guide has important information for both those new to voting as well as veteran voters.  The website provides information on how to become a registered voter; the location of your correct polling place, information on early voting and absentee ballots, provides information on the candidates and their positions on important issues, and even allows the user to build a “ballot” of candidate preferences that can be taken to the polls on election day.

This year League of Women Voters of Ames & Story County has invited candidates from 7 races in Story County to provide input to the VOTE411 voter guide.  Those races include the Ames City Council, the Ames School Board, the Huxley City Council, the Huxley Mayor, the Nevada City Council, the Nevada School Board and the Story City, City Council. 

Check out this amazing voting tool - www.VOTE411.org.  Then Vote on Tuesday, November 5.